5-20-18am Making Disciples of All Nations part 1

5-20-18pm The Strangeness of God’s Ways

5-13-18am Maximum Mom

5-6-18am Purity, Unity & Using Our Spiritual Gifts

5-6-18pm Deliverance from Sin to Righteousness part 2

4-29-18am Obedience, Prayer & Proclaiming the Word

4-29-18pm Deliverance-From Sin to Righteousness part 1

4-22-18am Trust, Praise and Bearing Fruit

4-22-18pm Deliverance-The Neglected Doctrine

4-15-18am Keys to Spiritual Growth

4-15-18pm Deliverance – From Error to Truth part 2

4-8-18am Confessing Our Sin

4-8-18pm Deliverance-From Error to Truth part 1

4-1-18am The Resurrection of Jesus Christ

3-18-18am Confessing Jesus as Lord and Glorifying God

3-18-18pm Our Precious Faith part 3

3-11-18am Jesus’ View of the Father

3-11-18pm Our Precious Faith part 2

3-4-18am Experiencing the Presence of God

3-4-18pm Our Precious Faith part 1

2-25-18am Living Faith

2-25-18pm Anxiety-Free Living part 3

2-18-18am Dead Faith

2-18-18pm Anxiety-Free Living part 2

2-11-18am God’s Word and Your Spiritual Growth

2-11-18pm Anxiety-Free Living part 1

2-4-18am Fundamental Attitudes for Spiritual Maturity part 3

2-4-18pm The Gifts of the Body

1-28-18am Fundamental Attitudes for Spiritual Maturity part 2

1-28-18pm What It Takes to Study God’s Word

1-21-18am Fundamental Attitudes for Spiritual Maturity part 1

1-21-18pm How to Study Your Bible – Interpretation

1-14-18am Coming Alive in Christ

1-14-18pm The Inspiration of Scripture

1-7-18am Our Resources in Christ part 2

1-7-18pm The Character of God’s Word

12-24-17am Why Christmas

12-17-17am Our Resources in Christ

12-17-17pm Jesus and Judas

12-10-17am Divine Promises Guaranteed

12-3-17am Redemption through His Blood

12-3-17pm The Invisible Kingdom of God – part 1

11-26-17am The Body Formed in Eternity Past part 2

11-19-17am The Body Formed in Eternity Past, Part 1

11-19pm Zeros Can Become Heroes

11-12-17am Introduction to Ephesians

11-12-17pm Players in the Sovereign Plan of Redemption

11-5-17am Why Sunday is the Lord’s Day

11-5-17pm Science and Scripture

10-29-17am Dealing With Discouragement part 1

10-29-17pm The Church During Troubled Times

10-22-17am The Lordship of Christ part 2

10-22-17pm The Battle For Your Mind

10-15-17am The Lordship of Jesus Christ part 1

10-15-17pm Twelve Ordinary Men

10-8-17am Running the Race that is Set Before Us

10-8-17pm A Dead Man’s Testimony

10-1-17am Dress for Success

10-1-17pm The Marks of the Committed Christian

9-24-17am Turning Bitterness Into Blessing

9-24-17pm Unsinkable Faith

9-17-17am Survival Strategy for Apostate Times

9-10-17am What To Do When The Bottom Falls Out

9-10-17pm How To Identify Terrorists In The Church

9-3-17am Pillars of God’s Blessing part 3-The Design of the Spirit for the Church

8-27-17am Pillars of God’s Blessing part 2 – The Lordship of Christ

8-27-17pm Onward Christian Soldier

8-20-17am Pillars of God’s Blessing, Part 1-Glorifying God

8-20-17pm Dealing With Demonic Doctrine

8-13-17am The Final Generation part 2

8-13-17pm The Essentials of Discipleship

8-6-17am The Final Generation part 1

8-6-17pm God’s Preparation for the Cross

7-30-17am The Humility and Exaltation of Christ

7-30-17pm The Dreadful Day of the Lord

7-23-17 am Fighting the Noble War part 2

7-23-17 pm Jesus is Lord of the Sabbath part 2

7-16-17am Fighting the Noble War part 1

7-16-17pm Jesus is Lord of the Sabbath part 1

7-9-17am What is a Purpose-Driven Church

7-9-17pm Rest for a Restless Heart

7-2-17am One Nation – “Under God!”

6-25-17am Creation – Day 6

6-25-17pm How to Impress God

6-18-17am Crucial Lessons for a Wise Father

6-11-17am Creation Day 5

6-11-17pm How Not to Impress God

6-4-17am Creation – Day 4

6-4-17pm Why Christians Submit to the Government

5-21-17am Creation – Day 3

5-21-17pm All in the Family

5-14-17am The Proverbs 31 Woman

5-7-17am Creation – Day 2

5-7-17pm The Doctrine of Election part 2

4-30-17am Creation – Day 1

4-30-17pm The Doctrine of Election part 1

4-23-17am The Polarizing Effect of Canaan’s Curse

4-23-17pm The Abomination of Desolation

4-16-17am An Overview of the Resurrection

4-2-17am The Invisible Kingdom of God part 2

4-2-17pm Christ is Everything

3-26-17am The Invisible Kingdom of God part 1

3-26-17pm Learning the Lesson of Calamity

3-19-17am A Conquering Courageous Faith

3-12-17am Joshua and Rehab – Prevailing Faith

3-12-17pm Why Preach the Word?

3-5-17am Moses-Preservering Faith

3-5-17pm The Nature of God’s Word

2-26-17am-The Patriarchs – A Persisting Faith

2-26-17pm-The Certainty of the Second Coming

2-19-17am Abraham-the Pattern of Faith

2-19-17pm The Sufficiency of Salvation

2-12-17am Noah – A Preacher of Faith

2-12-17pm The Substance of Salvation

2-5-17am Enoch: The Walk of Faith

2-5-17pm The Source of Salvation

1-29-17am The Principles of the Blood Covenant

1-29-17pm Abel: A Primitive Faith

1-22-17am-The Particulars of Faith

1-22-17pm-The Only Road to Heaven

1-15-17am Is Pro-Choice God’s Choice?

1-15-17pm – The Horror of Hell

1-8-17am The Bible is God’s Word

1-8-17pm Legalism

1-1-17am A True Knowledge of the True God part 2

12-25-16 The Virgin Birth

12-18-16am The Miraculous Jesus

12-18-16pm The Majestic Jesus

12-11-16am A True Knowledge of the True God-part 1

12-11-16pm Persistent Prayer for the Lord’s Return

12-4-16am-Has the Candlestick Been Removed?

12-4-16pm-Principles of Judgment part 4

11-27-16-am The Believer’s Armor part 6-The Sword of the Spirit

11-27-16pm Reasons for the Wrath of God part 3

11-20-16am The Believer’s Armor part 5-The Helmet of Salvation

11-20-16pm Reasons for the Wrath of God part 2

11-13-16am The Believer’s Armor part 4-The Shield of Faith

11-13-16pm Reasons for the Wrath of God part 1

11-6-16am The Shoes of the Gospel

11-6-16pm Principles of Judgment part 4

10-30-16am-The Breastplate of Righteousness

10-30-16pm-Principles of Judgment – part 3

10-23-16am-The Belt of Truth

10-23-16pm-Principles of Judgment part 2

10-16-16am-The Believer’s Warfare part 2

10-16-16pm Principles of Judgment part 1

10-9-16pm The Gospel of Christ

10-9-16am The Believer’s Warfare, part 1

10-2-16am-Spiritual Warfare part 1-Satan’s Attack on the Church

10-2-16pm-How to Have a Strong Spiritual Life

9-25-16am Five Minutes After We Die

9/25/16pm A Healthy Church in a Sick Society part 6

9-18-16am-Praise the Lord Anyhow

9-18-16pm-A Healthy Church in a Sick Society part 5

9-11-16am The Prophet’s Perplexity

 9-11-16pm A Healthy Church in a Sick Society part 4

9-4-16am The Strangeness of God’s Ways

8-28-16am The Critical Elements of True Worship

8-28-16pm A Healthy Church in a Sick Society Part 3

8-21-16am Capturing the Culture for Christ

8-21-16pm A Healthy Church in a Sick Society part 2

8-14-16am Christian Conduct in a Corrupt Culture

8-14-16pm A Healthy Church in a Sick Society

8-7-16am Temporary Sign Gifts part 3

8-7-16pm Sovereignty and Freedom

7-31-16am The Temporary Sign Gifts part 2

7-31-16pm Taming the Tongue part 2

7-24-16am The Temporary Sign Gifts, Part 1

7-24-16pm Taming the Tongue, Part 1

7-17-16pm Permanent Edifying Gifts Part 3

7-17-16am Learning the Lesson of Calamity

7-10-16am -The Permanent Edifying Gifts Part 2

7-10-16pm -Guard Your Heart